Who am i?

Someone who knows why your website is upside down in Internet Explorer
Someone who knows how to make you look awesome in Photoshop
Someone who creates things most people don’t know the title for
Someone who thinks TTL is for lazy people

Photography for fun

While money is being made by coding, fun is being made by photography and photoshop. These two creative things are my true passion. I specialize mainly in female portraiture, as is evident by my photo gallery. After learning lots about post-processing photos in photoshop, i realized that there are no shortcuts - the more you learn - the longer it takes to create a good image. Professional approach to retouching and attention to details is what takes my work to the next level and makes them different from the work of beginners and amateurs.

Coding for work

While fun is being made by photographing, money is being made by coding. With over 10 years of experience in all things digital i've become a pretty universal person who can code server and client side and also apply some photoshop magic for the UI part. I’m familliar with the following programming languages:

PHP, Objective-C (iPhone & Mac), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Delphi, Pascal, SQL, RegExp (PCRE)

And the following operating systems:

Mac, Windows, Linux, Linux LAMP and email servers (debian)